“FOS” The charm for the year 2024



When our human nature slips into darkness, we choose the FOS. *(The Greek word for LIGHT)

The charm for the year 2024 is called “FOS” and is inspired by the engravings studied in objects of ecclesiastical silversmithing.

The representation of the image is transferred from a ritual object, the ecclesiastical oil lamp, to a contemporary piece of jewellery, made of sterling silver 925 gold-plated, for the Elegy Concept jewellery range.

‘A fusion of countless symbolisms: the dragon representing evil and darkness, the grape, transformed from sweat nectar into holy communion.

Light and candle, concepts intertwined. They symbolize spiritual enlightenment, intuition, forgiveness and hope, the conscious and the unconscious, for anyone who knows how to observe and illuminate.

Soul purpose: everyone to fill their dark aspects with FOS.

Wishing all of us, happy and bright new year.

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